Littlethorpe Manor

Littlethorpe Manor
North Yorks HG4 3LG

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Canal - Littlethorpe Manor

Parkland and Canal Bank

parkland-1.jpgRipon canal forms the boundary to the East of the garden. Tall mature Horsechestnut, Lime, Beech and Sycamore create dappled shade along the canal bank. Mr and Mrs Thackray planted Leyland Cypress among the existing trees for privacy and these now add to the back drop of the garden and provide habitat for birds. Winter aconites are a feature in late winter, followed by Queen Annes Lace in late spring. Summer is a chance to enjoy a cool shady walk and in autumn colourful leaves and conkers cover the path.

parkland-2.jpgMr and Mrs Thackray planted many trees in the parkland when they first arrived in the 1980’s. Three copses are of note, one of Lime, one of Norway Maple and the Himalayan Birch copse in the Winter Garden. The Lime and Maple copses   are carpeted with Narcissus in spring and the Norway maple is a mass of butter yellow in autumn.

There are also several fine old specimen trees in the garden including Beech, Walnut, Golden Ash and Oak.

The grass is maintained at 4” to 6” with close mown grass paths providing shape and walkways through the parkland. This also enables clover to thrive, providing a further food source for Bees.